Thomas Struth

Wow, I clearly did Berlin all wrong if I missed this. Mulligan!

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ilvagabondiere: B-sides - Piazza della Signoria - Firenze - found @ pinkpdx

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A giant butt plug, just in time for my visti! Gee, thanks Paris!
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Again with the Rembrandt connection.

There are reasons why I identify with Rembrandt…

Although I’ll only be there for just a few days, I’m reading up on the history of Amsterdam. Sight unseen, I’m ready to move there. It sounds perfect.

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Winning Caption: When the two hour staff meeting is finally ending and a co-worker says "I just have one more question..."



Winning caption by ktkatosaurus.tumblr.com

Honorable Mention:

  • When someone points out the $12 variance in your annual budget
  • When the ED asks how you’re feeling after you take a sick day, but your coworker sitting next to you knows you were just horrifically hungover.
  • When a staffer points out a typo on the lead story of the Foundation’s quarterly newsletter… after 10,000 have been mailed out.
  • When the ED discusses raises in the tentative budget and that one colleague says “I don’t need a raise, I’m just honored to have a job.”
  • When one of your coworkers realizes that your department is not on the kitchen cleaning schedule

Thanks to everyone who submitted captions! Stay tuned for the next contest!


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This is in the Basic French lesson. Honestly, is this going to come up earlier in conversations than say, “croissant and coffe, please?”


Bend, Oregon.

Feeling spoiled in this slice of living heaven.

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My favorite color combo of the season! That teal/brown at work again! -ts

Love it.

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